Jump to Thesis 2.0 review Table of contents Thesis Theme review Thesis theme site options Thesis site speed Thesis 2.0 review Thesis HTML head editor Custom 404 pages Thesis 2.0 CSS Thesis 2.0 price Since I’m moving my work life over to the internet one of the tools I use the most is the Thesis [...]

It’s approaching one year since I left my home to cycle across the world. With many ups and downs along the way without a doubt my fondest memories of my trip will be the people. The people made my trip what is was, a life changing experience. I owe them so much and will never [...]

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Random acts of kindness in Europe and heading into places unknown.

I have been away from home now for just over 2 months and I have been on the road now for 6.5 weeks of that time. I would like to share my first thoughts on life on a road. Although this is a small time in terms of bicycle touring I’m planning on writing this [...]